>>WINGCOPTER wins Drone Pioneer Award 2018

WINGCOPTER wins Drone Pioneer Award 2018

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The Drone Pioneer Award 2018 presented the best drone applications of this year’s award on INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS 2018 in Frankfurt. Among the finalists were

Project: Drones in Agriculture 

Project: Safe and efficient landmine detection

Project: Deliver Future

Winner of the Drone Pioneer Award

The winner of the Drone Pioneer Award 2018 is WINGCOPTER GmbH with their Vision for Deliver Future. The Jury decided that all projects were brilliant while WINGCOPTER has the largest potential to apply their vision. They proof in 2000h of flying in Tanzania how they want to help to improve the laboratory analysis situation at Lake Victoria.

This year’s price includes access the consulting help of Joshka Fischer & Company and a check of 5000€ to improve WINGCOPTER’s technology.

The Team of Drone Pioneer Award say thank you to the Jury and all participants!

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