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Drone Pioneer Award For Visionary Drone Applications with Global Impact 27 September 2017 Marshall-Haus, Berlin ExpoCenter City

Drones: A hobby that becomes pretty serious

Goal of the Award: Impact beats Tech

The airspace above cities will be politically renegotiated, and the international drone set is getting ready for monetization. Very soon drones will touch all areas of our society.
In 2017, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO will award drone applications related to major social problems for the first time. The award is also meant to ignite public debate about new opportunities without shying away from conflict - both nationally and internationally and in the most relevant industry meet in Europe.

Awarding visionary applications

Companies, startups, organizations and project groups that work on drone applications either B-2-C or B-2-B application solutions are welcome to apply.

The award will honour projects that will transform the market and help to reach goals in the seven categories of a sustainable society. If you or your company want to apply, please fill out the form under the download link and send it to us until the 15th of September 2017.

Access Europe’s largest drone technology network

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO has become the leading trade fair for commercial and civilian drone applications.
For our partners and sponsors it is an unique environment that brings together the entire professional network from manufacturer to application developer under one roof. If you are interested in supporting as a partner or a sponsor, please get in touch with us.

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Urban Resilience and Digitalization
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