What are examples for sustainability projects with drones? Beside the winners of 2017 and 2018, there are many examples. Here is one topic how to improve the world with drones.

Protecting wildlife with drones

The Paranaense Forest which has been designated as a biodiversity hotspot is under threat from the expansion of agriculture, despite already suffering a loss of 95 per cent of its land area over the past 120 years. It is obvious that humans should rather back up the enter deeper into the forest. There is a plan by the UN to reduce harmful gas emissions.

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Solution with drones

Drones could help seamless to control gas emissions over large areas in short time without entering the forest by humans. It covers easily 10sqm and the software guarantees that the drone can repeat the flight path exactly.

Protecting Endangered Species

Island Conservation, an organization specializing in preventing animal extinctions around the world, announced details of an ongoing conservation project in the Galapagos Islands. The untouched, unspoiled Islands are known for being home to plenty of rare and unique creatures.

Invasive species are the single greatest threat to the Galapagos’ biodiversity. The spread of rats is a particular concern. There are no effective predators on the Islands and the lack of trees leaves nesting birds vulnerable to these unwelcome visitors.

How to  control rats in this untouched environment with drones?

The Directorate of Galápagos National Park and Island Conservation are using drones to deliver poisoned rat bait on the islands of Seymour Norte and Mosquera to help solve the problem.

More example how drones make the world better

and there are many more examples. So drones can carry sensors, that give completely new views to wildlife e.g. to protect them from poaching.

What drones can do to protect wildlife